Member Spotlight: Mari Moroz

*Contributed by Ashley Dalsing, Central Iowa PRSA newsletter chair. 

Over a year out of college and Mari Moroz found herself doing something a little bit different than what her childhood-self had imagined. Instead of performing on Broadway, she is performing on client communication and media relations by day, and participating in the Des Moines improv and comedy scene by night.

And, although she has plans to combine her love for theater and public relations, she is soaking up every bit of knowledge that she can working at Strategic America as a Public Relations Account Coordinator.

“I’ve been telling friends who are now just graduating that it’s OK to not have every aspect of your career planned out,” Moroz said. “It’s OK to jump into something and fail along the way, just keep moving forward and don’t give up.

Moroz spoke with Ashley Dalsing, PRSA Central Iowa newsletter chair, about how even though she isn’t living out her ambitious and lofty childhood dream, she hasn’t looked back in pursuing her career in public relations.

Give me some background on your time at Drake University.

I attended Drake University and earned a bachelor’s degree in public relations with a marketing minor. I was heavily involved with the communications for Drake’s Student Alumni Association and with my sorority. Additionally, I founded and was the president of Blue Crew Dance Club and was on Drake’s D+ Improv Troupe.

I was very fortunate to have some great internship opportunities while in college, at The Des Moines Community Playhouse, World Food Prize Foundation and the Greater Des Moines Convention and Visitors Bureau. Drake and Des Moines offer incredible ways to get involved in the community and gain professional experience before even graduating. My senior year, I got an internship at Strategic America and I have been there since.

What is your role at Strategic America?

I am a Public Relations Account Coordinator and I manage most media relations clients, including tracking, measurement and journalist relationship building. I also project manage for a few PR clients and run the content on our intranet.

As someone who had a dream of being on Broadway, do you want to incorporate the theatre industry with public relations eventually?

Yes! Eventually in my career, I want to work in event management or work in PR for theater/entertainment. It combines all my passions into one job. I always knew Broadway was a stretch, but I knew I wanted to be involved in the arts in some way, shape or form, since dance, singing, acting and comedy have always been a part of my life. PR and arts are an incredible combination that I hope to someday explore. For now, however, I love working in Des Moines and at Strategic America and am eager to soak up as much knowledge as I can.

What made you choose public relations as your career path?

I always knew I wanted to communicate with people as a career, but it wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I took a deep-dive into the world of PR and realized it was a good fit for me.

I love that this industry is people-focused – we are building and nurturing relationships at our core, whether it’s with coworkers, clients, journalists or stakeholders. It’s constantly changing and evolving – no two days are the same.

Additionally, I love that public relations comes with sort of a controversial past; public relations professionals weren’t always viewed as trustworthy, but today we’ve created an industry that shows we are indispensable. PR has evolved to combine so many different disciplines that we as professional now have the tools and understanding to step into many communication scenarios or projects and succeed.

What’s been a benefit of being involved in Central Iowa PRSA?

I have been able to build relationships with other PR professionals in Des Moines, especially in my first year out of school. Central IA PRSA has been a critical place to meet mentors and expand my knowledge, setting me up early for success in my career.

Outside of your world of public relations, what do you do for fun?

I am involved in the improv/comedy scene in Des Moines, playing in a couple improv troupes. I’ve also taught dance through Des Moines Community Education and Gateway Dance Theater. Additionally, I sit on Drake’s Central Iowa Regional Alumni Board and the Des Moines Playhouse’s Curtain Crowd Board.


To connect with Mari, or learn more about her accomplishments, visit her LinkedIn.

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